Best Ayurveda Therapies for Low Back Pain

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Back pain affects 60-70 percent of adults at some point in their lives, and it is the second most common reason for a doctor’s visit after a cold. This pain affects both men and women equally.

Back pain can range from a dull, constant ache to a sudden, sharp pain and is regarded as one of the most expensive health problems as well as the leading cause of job disability.

One of the most common ailments is backache. It is becoming more common as a result of sedentary lifestyles and hazardous work patterns. Backache can be caused by psychological conditions associated with emotional stress, which cause muscle spasms.

Let’s understand What are the causes of low back pain?

Lumbar spondylosis, Slipped disc (neuritis, sciatica), Muscle sprain, TB spine (Pott’s disease), and Tumors (malignant or benign). Early lumbar vertebral degeneration is caused by –

1) Faulty life style

2) Low vitamin B12 in fast food

3) Lack of sun exposure

4) Poor sitting, standing, and sleeping postures

5) Psychological stress

6) Strenuous exercise or sports injuries

Most back pain is caused by an injury to the lower back or overuse of the back muscles, sports injuries, lifting heavy weights or sudden jerks, and so on. Spondylitis, arthritis, and bulging discs are also ongoing conditions that can cause back pain. Chronic back pain can affect all aspects of your life, regardless of the cause or symptoms.

Low back pain affecting the lower part of the back is described as

  1. Acute low backache with Nerve pain – lasted less than 6 weeks
  • Severe sudden pain in the back radiating to one leg, radiating to one leg with Tingling and Numbness
  • Pain radiate to the legs
  • Pain is aggravated by coughing, sneezing, or straining at stool
  • Anesthesia in the legs or loss of power (Thigh muscle weakness or foot drop)
  • The straight leg rising (SLR) test is positive.


  1. Chronic low backache –lasted more than 12 weeks.
  • Usually in males having age more than 50 years or in postmenopausal women
    Cause is degeneration of the spine (Lumbar spondylosis)
  • Pain is dull nagging type, increased by pro- longed sitting and bending etc.
    Stiffness, especially in the morning is always present.
  • X ray of Lumbo-sacral spine may show many changes like of osteoporosis, osteophytes, com- pression fractures etc.
    But in women if LBA is due to depression — then x-ray will not show any changes.

Ayurveda Treatment for Low Back Pain

 Low back pain in Ayurveda is correlated as Katishoola, katigraha, which falls under vatavyadhi. The best and safest way to treat low back pain is with Ayurvedic therapies such as Panchakrma and internal Ayurvedic medicine. Along with lifestyle changes one can adopt natural way to cure low back pain without any side effect . Ayurvedic therapies for low back pain show significant pain relief and improved ability to perform daily tasks.


Advantages of Ayurvedic Therapies for Low back pain

Ayurvedic therapies and medicines slow down the ageing process and aid in the regeneration of soft tissue damage.

Disc prolapse or rupture prevention.

Pain relievers can be avoided because these are safe external treatments.


5 Safe Ayurvedic Therapies for lower back pain

Generally, massages and  Steam are part of the Ayurveda pain management procedure as it strengthens and rejuvenates the tissues, increase circulation, repairs tissue damage, and reduce stiffness and joint pain Add on it also provide strength and lubrication to the joints, induces good sleep, and reduces stress

1. Abhyanga 

Professional therapists perform soft massages on the back with warm medicated oil. Ayurveda pain relievers such as mahanaryana taila, dhanwantaram taila, karpastayadi taila, kottamchukadi taila, and others are generally used. Back pain, joint pain, and stiffness can be relieved quickly with a whole-body massage followed by a steam bath. Usually performed for 3 to 7 days.

2. Kati Basti

Kati Basti is an effective Ayurvedic treatment for lower back pain and disorders. For 20-40 minutes, warm oil is retained at the back within a specific formed frame on this area. Warm oil provides lubrication and improves circulation, while herbal ingredients provide therapeutic effect over a 7 to 14-day period.

3. Choorna/Patra Pinda Sweda

Ayurveda oil massage with Potali steam is a highly effective pain relief treatment. Herbal powders/leaves are tied into a bolus and massaged against painful body parts to generate heat and thus reduce pain. This is beneficial for injuries sustained in sports, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, spondylosis, spondylitis, musculoskeletal pain, and ligament tears. 

4. Navarkizhi

This pain-relieving treatment uses Special Shali rice that has been boiled in milk and herbs to form shashtikashali pinda or Navarakizhi. This type of massage and steam is very nourishing in nature. Navarakizhi relieves pain and slows the progression of degeneration in the back, allowing it to move more freely. Navarakizhi relieves the pressure, swelling, and stiffness associated with joint disorders such as arthritis, spondylosis and other joint disorders

5. Nadi Sweden

Nadi sweda is a steaming therapy used for joint and muscular pains that promotes toxins elimination by opening up sweat pores. It also helps to improve blood supply to the affected area, which reduces joint stiffness and pain.


3 Ayurveda Therapies without the  Massage in acute Back Pain

In some back pain conditions , acute pains its better to do intense massage therapies which involve pressure. For acute inflammation conditions experienced therapist can do these therapies help to reduce pain.

  1. Kaya Seka Or Pariseka – Pariseka refers to pouring warm medicated liquids (oils or decoctions) throughout the body, lying down in a supine and prone position. This is useful in stimulating sensory and motor receptors thereby helpful in conditions like acute back pain, and paralysis. It also helps in the secretion of neurohormones affecting brain chemistry, providing the recipient with a sense of well-being.
  2. Kati Pichu – In this procedure, a cotton flap/folded cloth soaked in warm medicated oil according to condition is kept on the back for a specified time.
  3. Lepana – A thick pack of paste is applied over the painful area and is covered with leaves and bandaged with clean clothes. The application of heat and herbs causes relaxation of the muscles and tendons. It also relieves pain and inflammation.

PANCHAKARMA THERAPIES – like Virechana, Matrabasti, Sneha Basti, Kashaya basti, Agni karma give long-lasting results for back pain.

 Shathayu Ayurveda offers joint pain and stiffness treatment.

Shathayu Ayurveda, the oldest Ayurvedic brand, can treat your pain with personalized treatments. Traditional Panchakarma treatments combined with medication have been shown to be effective in treating back pain without surgery.

The Panchakarma therapies reduce inflammation, improve blood circulation, and strengthen the back muscles. The herbal internal medication reduces pain by providing safe solutions to old and chronic pains.

Shathayu Ayurveda Treats

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