A Perfect Weight Loss Solution

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Looking for a perfect weight loss solution?

Focus on these 5 points can help you achieve your goal


It is difficult to stay focused and know what actually beneficial and effective for weight loss. Becoming restless and starting with a new diet plan every alternate day does not work out. Have consistency in any activity and realize the fruits of your hard work.

Choose the tried and trusted

Choosing the right option is the key; weight loss can affect your immune system adversely. Find out the best weight loss strategy to suit your needs.

Gain balance

During your weight loss; your appetite, digestion, metabolism, mind and emotions are affected. Finding balance between these elements is the key to achieve perfect health and ideal weight. Ayurveda Detox can help to balance these and boost your metabolism for weight loss.

You are unique; so is your weight loss plan

We all look alike; but we also are unique in many ways. Functional variation of your body depends various factors such as place, age, gender, physical strength. Meet experts to suit best options for you

Other factors

Over eating in times of stress is a vicious cycle. Increased cortisol levels causing us to overeat, and the subsequent increases in fat cells to produce more Cortisol. When the body is stressed, it produces an overabundance of certain hormones (Fat cells can also release hormones cortisol), Cortisol and insulin boost our preference for comfort foods, high fat, high sugar or high salt foods.

Realize your ideal weight with pioneers in weight loss through Shathayu Ayurveda. We employ utmost care and precision in personalizing treatments for Obesity, PCOD, Hypothyroid conditions. Talk to our doctors to know more to find the right solution for you. Shathayu Ayurveda; making Ayurveda work for you.

Article by

Dr Anitha Bhat

Senior Ayurveda Physician