Summer Headaches

Summer Headaches

Weather related headaches or environmental triggers are not uncommon for those susceptible to headaches.  Like any other season, summer brings with it a unique set of triggers; sunlight, dehydration, increased physical activity, allergies and humidity. Summer heat is a big trigger for headaches and migraine.

While you plan a happy holiday with your family, the throbbing headaches can keep you away from all the fun and activity which makes you a spoilsport. But smart choices and coping methods can keep you pain free and you can enjoy the summer months. Know what triggers your headache and migraine. However, if you are a chronic migraine sufferer and if you can feel the aura, immediately take the necessary steps to stop the popping headache.

Bright sunlight is a common headache trigger. It is usually the glare of the sunlight rather the bright sun that triggers headache. Use good sunglasses, polarized lenses are great as they also cut the glare.

The heat of the sun is damaging to the skin and also the cause of heat stroke in summer. Try hats with broad brims and use umbrellas when outdoor. If you are spending long hours in scorching sun, try to put a wet bandanna around your neck.

Dehydration is a very common culprit for headaches. In hot weathers the body loses lot of fluids and very few people consume enough clear fluids to replace. Water is undoubtedly the best way to stay hydrated followed by electrolyte based sports drinks.

Ayurveda suggest Chincha panaka, sariva kalpa, kokum juice, Aam pana, Tulsi and amla water are some of the herbal cooling drinks best suited to beat the heat of summer.

The hot climate leads to excess internal heat in the body otherwise called Pitta. This is associated with acidity, constipation and other functional changes in the body which may also be the major cause of headache. So Avoid caffeinated and carbonated drinks, alcohol, spicy foods. Eat Seasonal fruits like musk melon, water melon, mango, orange etc. Keep drinking water stored in earther or brass vessel or medicated water.

  • Apply Chandana or Shunti (GINGER) lepa on forehead for headaches.
  • Use Triphala with honey at bed time to keep bowels clear.
  • Drink barley water or fresh fruit juices.
  • Therapies like shirodhara specially Ksheeradhara or takradhara can reduce headaches.
  • Cover head with hats or shawls to protect from harsh sunlight.