Tired of Your Gastric Problem?


Many of us experience gastric problems like bloating, constipation, heartburn, frequent burping, acid-reflux etc on a regular basis. Commonly there is a tendency among us to reduce these symptoms by self-medication.

Symptoms recur in a short period of time as we don’t focus on identifying and treating the cause for these problems. Many factors like eating low fiber diet, frequent traveling, stress, resisting the urge for passing the bowel and also by the effect of certain medications may affect our GI tract. Also consuming food which are spicy, salty, sour can cause gastric disturbances. Irregular food habit, skipping meals, excessive intake of coffee, tea or alcohol, junk foods also have an impact on gastric health of a person.

If these symptoms are not addressed at the earliest, it can cause nausea, vomiting, loose motions, pain in the abdomen etc and therefore affecting the wellbeing of the person.
Regular check on the diet and early screening can prevent the worsening of the gastric problems.
Regular detox, de-stress therapies along with healthy diet and lifestyle and good bowel habits are beneficial in treating gastric problems.

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