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What comes first….. Obesity or Depression?

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Obesity and depression are the coined terms which are inter-related to each other. Obesity leads to the risk of person to undergo depression and vice-versa. According to a survey, 55% people are suffering from obesity and depression.

Obesity is the factor which is making person suffer in one or other way. One question which will strike all the minds.

  • Is the obesity which is causing depression; or it is the depression which is leading to obesity.

To more understand this cause lets have a look over the both one by one :

Obesity : It is term which is having the impact on each and every one. What is obesity in terms of health care:

When BMI Crosses like value 24.9 it is categorization overweight, then as the BMI Graph levels up, the definition also rises up, obese, super obese overweight and so on.

Factor Responsible : Lifestyle, wrong food habits, mental illness, anxiety, depression. medications(Long term) etc., and the list goes on.

Depression : Depression is the state of mental health, which won’t come alone, it brings anxiety, anger, obesity, low self esteem. Reduced productivity everything along with it.

It is the term each and every individual defines it as per their norms. According to ADAA, Depression is a strange beast. Which is leading to the increase number of suicidal rates.

How Depression and Obesity are Coined:

A 18 year girl committed suicide recently , it was neither her bad result nor her health issue. The main reason was she was suffering from  #BODYSHAME issue, according to her friends she was overweight and which took her to depression and she ended up in taking her life.

The main point where each and every individual must have to think that what is making them obese or/and depressed. Is it their lifestyle, food or the working pattern or the environment in and around.

Now the question arises is how the both walk hand in hand.

If person is obese or overweight or suffering from bodyshame , chances are there that they may cut off themselves from society, all the social activities and they may end up in depression. And when it comes to depression, Some of the  anti depressant pills can lead to overweight. And if  the person is depressed, they won’t mingle with society and all they end up with consuming more food and sitting alone. 

Lesser the physical activity , lower the metabolism and the result is gaining some extra pounds  and extra inches.

Plan : Call for action

In Shathayu, we offer the various hopes to fight with depression and obesity.

One has to fight for the survival, if a person is able to fight with obesity the depression which arises from body shame will automatically goes off. Its the time for call for action the various set of treatments by like-

  • Weight Loss Programs

  • Shirodhara

  • Virechana

  • Udwarthana

  • Yoga and Meditation

  • Naturopathy

The basic aim for set of Rx is to reduce the depression and Obesity with the positive aspects and greatness of ancient of ayurveda.

Weight Programmes helps in the reducing of weight and helps to come out of depression. The Detox therapy will help you throw the toxins from the body and leave you healthy, happy and light. Shedding few extra pounds will help you to build the confidence and help you to come out of depression.

At Shathayu Ayurveda, we are specialized in weight loss and anti-depression Rx lesser the weight means more healthy life. Live healthy or live fuller is the aim for all by shathayu.