lose weight naturally

10 Ways To Lose Weight Naturally


lose weight

10 Ways To Lose Weight Naturally


1. Eat slowly

Horace Fletcher said “Chew your food 32 times” but in this fast-paced world, where do we really have the time? Well, make time it helps Lose Weight. Studies show that chewing may decrease self-reported hunger and food intake, as it effects the gut hormones and satiety level i.e. feeling comfortably full. Basically, chewing well can help you lose weight. Now we know its not easy to keep a track of the number of times you chew, but you can eat slower. Set aside 20 to 30 mins for each meal and don’t get up till the time is up.


2. Hydrate yourself with Water

Drinking water is associated with decreases in body weight, waist circumference, and percent body fat. Drinking sufficient water every day increases the energy expenditure at rest, simply meaning that you burn calories faster. Ayurveda suggest use of warm water and also water in between two meals.


3. Basil seeds for weight loss

Basil seeds are low in carbs and high in protein. Sabja seeds or basil seeds should be consumed after soaking in water overnight. You can add them to your water bottle and consume along with your daily water intake or eat them before a meal. The fiber in these seeds will keep you satiated thus making sure you consume lower calories.


4. Exercise and Move daily

Its essential that you Exercise and perform Yoga burn off those calories. We hope you’re completing your daily workout quota. It’s important to make sure you increase your step count by taking the stairs or walking to the grocery store. Make sure you keep moving throughout the day than just an hour of walk in the morning and sitting all other time!!


5. Eat more protein

A protein rich diet can boost metabolism as it helps build muscle. It also prevents over eating by making you feel full for longer. Eating a high protein breakfast can be very beneficial when it comes to losing weight. Your dal, sprouts, lean meat or curd daily protein intake is a must.


6. Use a Placebo

This might sound a little impractical when it we think about weight loss, but a few studies show that it works. Your Mindset can influence your physical health. For those of you who don’t know what a placebo is, a placebo is a “make believe”, it is something that seems to be a real medical treatment but isn’t. Now you can choose your placebo but an example would be to believe that eating 7 almonds a day/ lemon water/ wheatgrass juice can help you lose weight.


7. Healthy snacking

Do you wonder If you’re allowed to snack while trying to lose weight? Absolutely, but its very important to choose healthy snacks. Pick whole-food options with a lot of protein and nutrients. Make sure these snacks are easily accessible at home, refrain from stocking up on unhealthy foods. Avoid processed snacks, these are engineered to make you eat as much as possible. They can be addictive with all their salt and sugar content which is dangerous for your health.


8. Get sufficient sleep

Studies show that when one doesn’t get enough sleep their calorie intake increases. Plus, your body burns fat while you sleep. A sleepy brain equals a tired body which means that you might get tempted to skip a workout or end up too tired to cooking a healthy meal.


9. Eat your Dinner before 7PM

Ayurveda says stop eating 3 hours before bedtime. Specially this is helpful for those who have insulin resistance like Diabetes, PCOS or OBESITY. Research shows that those who go 2-3 hours without eating before bed have a decreased cancer risk, insulin resistance, and inflammation.


10. Portion control with cheat meals

You’re allowed to indulge in your favorite food once in a while but portion control is very important. Suppose you’re cutting down 300 calories in a day, that’s 2100 a week. Now you pick an entire medium sized pizza as your cheat meal, that’s approximately 2000 calories. Make smart choices and eat the suggested serving size.


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