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Weight Loss: How to Set and Plan Weightloss Goals

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How to Set Your Weight Loss Target?

There are advertisements everywhere about exciting weight loss programs and the 20-30 kgs that someone lost. At every social gathering people discuss new diet, plans for weight loss that are certain to make you lose loads of fat. Often, we see people go on crash diets or extreme diets to end up in other health issues and nutritional deficiencies.

It’s only when you actually start dieting that you realize your dream of losing 20-30 kgs is quite distant and the time involved seems so great that you tend to give up in a week or two.

The most important step is to set a honest target. Those who want to reduce 15-20 kgs must first work at 10 kgs, not more. The scientific and medically safe time period to lose 10 kgs is 2-3 months or 90 days at a rate of approximately 4-5 kgs in a month.


Any diet promising a loss of more than 10 kgs in 20 days should be avoided. In one month the human body can lose about 4 kgs of fat. Beyond this, the remaining 6 kgs will consist of muscle and water from the body. When you reduce muscle tissue, your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) goes down. This results in fast weight gain in the future.

So Planning Your weight loss has to be done in systematic way



Target Weight Loss – 4-6 KGS per month

  1. If you want to lose weight and not having any associated medical condition like Hypothyroidism, insulin resistance, PCOS or hormonal irregularities then set a higher goal for weight loss.one can plan 4-5 kgs per month and achieve this target easily without compromising on other health parameters
  • With a proper planning of healthy diet and exercise if one clubs ayurveda detox then losing weight naturally is possible Ayurveda Detox focuses on improving once metabolism
  • Ayurveda herbs and super foods accelerate the process of losing weight naturally
  • Focus on building core muscles with strengthening, stretching exercise and weights. Adopt yoga for flexibility. Increase your protein intake by 20 % rather than only high protein diet.
  • Consistency and determination is the key here. When you feel you can handle that with food limitations in three months, then you can do full justice to the time period. Try not to break the diet and you may see inspiring results because you are very focused and dedicated to that 90-day period. After this, if you still want to reduce another 5-10 kgs you can go on with self-reliance and ease



Target Weight Loss – 3-4 KGS per month

  1. If you are having associated health problems like fatty liver, hypothyroidism, insulin resistance, PCOS, hormonal irregularity etc then losing weight can become night mare. Be assured that it may be tough for you inspite of diet and exercise to lose weight but never think it’s impossible.
  • Primary focus should be treating the associated health conditions so that your weight loss journey becomes easier
  • Planning right kind of diet for example low GI diet in insulin resistance is the key
  • Regular and ongoing exercise / yoga and physical activities will give you results even if it’s slow but for sure.
  • Ayurveda panchakarma therapies will help in reversing insulin resistance or fatty liver for a successful weight loss journey
  • Adopting low GI super foods, Ayurveda herbs also helps in long term weight loss



  1. The number of kilograms one want to lose should be planned  as per your height and weight with BMI and not just your desired number
    Those who weigh over 100-120 kgs may lose up to 5 kgs fat per month because they have so much fat to lose, whereas a person who is 70 to 80 kgs will reduce about 3-4 kgs per month. A person who is 60 kgs and willing to reduce to 55 kgs may lose only 1-2 kgs per month as they have only a small amount of fat to be lost. No two people would have the same weight loss, and no two ideal weights could be the same. The most important lesson to learn is not to compare and compete with someone else but to work on your body by your own standards and do it in a healthy way.


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